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Christmas Program

We Welcome you to the Trinity Lutheran Church Family!

Love God, Love our Neighbor, Serve the World

Holiday 3 


Have you ever put a prayer in the prayer basket and wondered what happened to it?

Well let me tell you…..

People from the congregation take them out and use them in their daily prayers, the ladies from the Bible Study group take them and pray during their prayer time and at times they are taken out and read and prayed for during the church service. They are being taken care of through prayer from your family in Christ.

Never stop putting your prayers in the prayer basket and Never Stop Believing in the Power of Prayer. God’s Peace!


This Sat/Sun
is our annual Children’s Christmas program!


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It’s always a good to get up with the Sunrise!

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We welcome you to Trinity Lutheran Church in beautiful La Crosse Wisconsin.


We believe in family an is and sharing God’s word.  We encourage you to visit us, join us and help us grow in his love.


Each day is a new begining so begin your days as a member of Trinity Lutheran Church!